WASHANA Summer 2014


WASHANA Summer 2014


President's Message continued...


Christian SchmalzAs I look back on the last couple months, much has happened since our last communication, and more is to come. Not the least is our 75th Anniversary Celebration planned for the Fall Conference in Spokane. Both the Frank Maziarski Scholarship Fund and the Larry Lysne Leadership Fund reached full endowment status and will be available to help support future students in our state. Our inaugural CRNA Legislative Day in Olympia on January 22nd was attended by approximately 40 of your colleagues and students. These efforts were then reinforced during the annual trip to Washington, DC for the AANA Mid-Year Assembly from your key WANA representatives and me. As always, this event is truly unique and inspiring and really should be on every CRNA's bucket list. Most recently, our Spring Conference at the Hilton Seattle Airport drew a record number of attendees.


All of this wouldn't happen without the hard work behind the scenes by your WANA Board of Directors (BOD) and committees. These last several months, we have been working hard implementing strategic changes to ensure that your state organization will continue to serve you in our dynamic industry. An example of a few of the changes implemented include:

  • Monthly conference call board meetings, in addition to the two customary face-to-face meetings and one yearly retreat.
  • Restructuring our operational workflow so board members serve as a Board Liaison to each committee with the goal of engaging and empowering committees.
  • Formally adopted new mission and vision statements, which along with new strategic decision filters help to standardize and guide decision-making.

In addition, we continue to strive for the highest available financial transparency and responsibility through routine professional audits, tighter operational financial distribution procedures, and including all Board of Directors in financial reporting. But perhaps the biggest effort has been establishing a Communications Committee intended to improve our communication with you, our primary stakeholders. If you haven't been to our new website lately at http://wana-crna.org, CHECK IT OUT!


With all the changes and headlines in what is present-day healthcare, information overload can happen quite easily. Yet there are some trending national CRNA issues that I would like to make sure are on your radar, as they are certainly being watched and evaluated by your BOD. AAs are continuing to work diligently through a variety of ways to expand their footprint in as many states as possible. Many of our border states are currently involved with AA legislative maneuvering, and I fully expect that at some point in the future, Washington State will become involved.


It should come as no surprise that the relationships between the AANA and its arrangements with the Council on Accreditation (COA) and NBCRNA continue to elicit concerned dialogue from many respected colleagues. I would encourage everyone to read the communication from AANA and NBCRNA as this issue evolves. The Continued Professional Certification (CPC) program is coming, as many have probably seen if you have re-certified recently. WANA will continue to work with AANA to try and provide opportunities and information as it becomes available.


The issue that is gaining awareness nationally regarding the COA is based on concern that with the national push towards professional equality, the current system ensuring sufficient training to meet these demands may need improvement. WANA has been committed to our local anesthesia training programs through scholarships and mentoring, and will continue to support their efforts to produce competent CRNAs.


And finally, at some point in the future, we will no longer be titled ARNP. As we have mentioned in past newsletters, the Nursing Commission is working towards the Consensus Model. Please refer to Todd Herzog's article APRN Consensus Model Update in this newsletter for more information. To that end we continue to work with our nursing colleagues to protect the practice standards that we earned and enjoy in the great state of Washington.


Regardless of the challenges we may face in the future, one only needs to look back at the past 75 years of success to be assured that WANA will continue to adapt and support CRNA practice in Washington State. Happy 75th Anniversary!


Christian Schmalz, CRNA, MSN, MBA

WANA President




WASHANA Summer 2014