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Congratulations to the following WANA members for being elected to serve on the Board of Directors:

Darryl DuVall has served on the Board of Directors in the past and as Federal Political Director. We welcome Brad Hemingway to the Secretary position, along with new board members Jennifer Tanguay and Chris Lundy. We look forward to their new ideas and energy in serving the WANA membership. New officers and board will take office during the Fall Webinar on Saturday, October 10, 2020.

We extend our appreciation to Stacy McIntyre and Nick Kroll for serving as board members the past three years, also to Jackie Bates for serving as Vice President the past year and to Ashley Fedan for serving as Secretary the past three years. Ashley will continue her role as WANA Federal Political Director until May 2023.

On behalf of the current Board of Directors, appreciation is expressed for all who ran for office, including Stacy McIntyre, Jonathan Alvarado, Bob Strobl, and Christina Lawrence.

Of note, 98% of members voted that electronic voting was easy, 97% indicated they prefer electronic voting, and 99% stated that WANA should adopt electronic voting for future elections.